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Art and Culture Connection

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The City of Lawrence-based Ateneo Dominicano de Nueva Inglaterra always has the art world wondering what they are going to do next. Their works—in all forms—are highly accessible and are gaining increasing attention on the international stage.


Our next event

Coffee & Tobacco

in the Dominican Culture

Get ready to savor the essence of the Dominican Republic as we explore the rich traditions of coffee and tobacco that have shaped this vibrant culture for centuries. Discover the unique flavors and aromas of Dominican coffee, one of the world's finest, and learn about the art of cigar making, a cherished Dominican craft. Explore the history, cultivation, and techniques behind these world-renowned cigars.

Friday Sep. 22 at 5:00 pm

Concrete Wall

It is truly a privilege to lead a chapter of individuals with differing interests and passions united by common values. I am proud to be a member of Ateneo dominicano de Nueva Inglaterra, and am eager to see what this year has in store for us. I invite you to take some time to explore our website and get to know our exceptional community.

“Each city has its spirit, we always say that each city has its air, its 'own stamp'. But there is more: the spirit of the city is in the landscape that surrounds it, and in the layout of its streets, and in its buildings, and in its gardens, and in the customs of its people, and it goes even further: it is in the painting and literature it produces, in the music it sings and plays”
Pedro Henriquez Ureña

Thank you so much for an amazing night, without each of you it couldn't have come true!