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Join as a member
and contribute to our cause.

Your annual contribution will help keep Dominican culture and art alive and active, thus creating a cultural legacy. Additionally, it will provide scholarships for young people interested in studying art and culture.

Ateneo Dominicano is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means that donations made are tax-deductible for donors. In order to allow more people to contribute to our cause, we have created different membership levels.

  • Patriotas

    Every year
    For those who love their homeland and wish to preserve its rich history.
  • Quisqueyanos

    Every year
    Join as a true 'Quisqueyano' and celebrate our cultural diversity.
  • Dominicanos

    Every year
    The membership for those passionate about representing the vibrant Dominican culture.
  • Amigos

    Every year
    For all friends of Dominican Republic
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